Thursday, September 23, 2010

FrOSCamp 2010

17th and 18th of September the first FrOSCamp took place at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich Switzerland. A number of projects were there including CAcert, Seminarix (as part of the sidux/sidux e.V. project), Debian, KDE, Fedora (there was also a FUDCon at the same time in the same building) and others. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the event on the 17th as a member of the Seminarix/sidux e.V./sidux team and as usual at such events most of the people you see you already saw before at other similar events :)

Seminarix had a small talk and workshop held by Wolf-Dieter Zimmermann. I didn't catch the talk but took part in the workshop which although not well visited (we were 5 all in all) had some interesting discussions and suggestions on how to improve Seminarix to make things easier for the end-user.

The space we had was rather small but big enough for the few visitors there. There were a number of talks/workshops during those 2 days which was great for a first time event. For the next time the orga-team should spend a bit more time on advertising the event I think or at least hang a banner at the entrance pointing the people to the right direction. Food and drinks were rather expensive (as expected in Zurich) but the free coffee did help the situation ;) There was also a social event at the night of the 17th which I unfortunately didn't have time to visit because visiting it would have meant me missing my train ;)

And last but not least a big thanks at the orga-team for organizing the event and lets hope that they will find the time and money to organize it again next year and a big thanks for the people who found the time to join the Seminarix/sidux/sidux e.V. team for the event :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aptosid finally up and running

The name change from sidux to aptosid took some time alright but we finally managed to make the switch and even release an ISO a day after the name change. It took so long (well ok not very long, about 2 weeks if I remember correctly) due to some technical reasons (preparing packages for the switch, new forum etc) and also due to things that we couldn't influence like the changing of directories on the primary mirrors we use. Luckily all primary mirrors reacted rather fast or we would still be waiting ;)

What is different now with the new name? Well for one we split up the official English/German forum into an official English forum and an unofficial German one. We will also try to be more open with our forum moderation and the developers will try to stay out of that (assuming we find some moderators to do the job ;) ). One other change is that there no longer is an e.V backing up the project but I think that we will manage ok without it. I dont think anything else change as we are still the same developers' team behind the project.

I'm not sure what will happen with the various other community forums sidux had (french, brazilian, greek to name a few) but from what I know BR is on board and is working on the name change and we should also manage to change the GR site soon (domain has been purchased and we are awaiting approval for that).

So thats it for now. Post became a little longer than I planned but ok..


Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hi all and welcome to my blog. Here I will be blogging about various things that come to my mind including FOSS events I will or have already attended and projects that I am currently involved in. Don't expect anything too fancy as I am a bit too lazy to write much but some posts might still be of interest to you. So again welcome and I hope you can find something useful here :)